Colour Therapy Manukau

Electromagnetic Colour Healing
Using the Liley Method


Our lives are - or should be - full of colour and light!

Without this important ingredient, flowers won’t bloom, vegetables won’t grow and we, ourselves, will not thrive.

We believe that all things vibrate at certain frequencies, no matter what they are. Disease-causing bugs that get into your system are included, be they viral, bacterial, parasitic or fungal. They all give off their own unique vibrational frequencies.

It is this discovery of this theory by Dr Len Liley in 1947 which has led to the development of Electromagnetic Colour Therapy which we use to assist the lives of many who suffer from ill health today. The advancements in modern technology over the years has, we believe, enhanced this method of treatment.

A treatment swatch, called a colour tabulation, is made with colour threads (cotton/wool), using exact colour or colour combinations and precise measurements. This is used to match the frequency of different ailments.

We dowse for a match in frequency between the patient and our extensive range of colour tabulations, helping us to  describe the person’s symptoms and help pinpoint their dis-ease.

The patient is then treated by wearing wristbands that are attached to wires that are connected to the Colour Machine, using the the colour tabulation specific to the patient's needs.

The Colour Therapy Machine produces white noise or radio waves. We believe by putting the appropriate colour tabulation into the ‘cup’ on the machine, the frequency of the radio waves changes to that of the colour, thereby treating the patient with that specific frequency.  A series of Master colour tabulations have been developed for treatment.

 We do not heal you. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves.

We believe that by matching the frequency of the ailment we assist your body to heal.


"Incurable means curable from within." Dr John Demarini - The Secret.


To know about the types of conditions we may be able to assist with, please contact us direct.


















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